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How to Cut Your Kid's Hair At Home

IS YOUR LITTLE LOVE BUG living with knots, tangles, breakage, and non-stop "bad hair days?" Time to try a trim!

Healthy hair depends on trimming and it is the key to retaining length.

You may be asking...

  • Why do I have to trim my child’s hair?

  • How often should I trim my child’s hair?

  • I don't want my baby to lose length... do trims ACTUALLY help with growth?

I know that haircuts are not cheap. But it is possible to trim your baby's hair on your own!

If you want to make sure your child's hair stays healthy and grows long, then you need to read these handy tips.

It's totally natural to start having split ends after a trim. In fact, it happens every few months. What can cause a major problem is not stopping it before it gets too bad! Split ends that aren't repaired keep splitting all the way up the hair shaft. It causes the entire strand of hair to break instead of just the end.

Split ends can also lead to single strand knots. The two together can make wash day a nightmare because it makes it easier for hair to tangle! This leads to even more breakage, especially if you don't detangle with care or use the wrong tools.

Make sure to take care of split ends because they can make your child's hair look super frizzy and unhealthy.

You'll want to take your kiddo in for a trim at least once every 3-4 months but it can also depend on the health of their hair. If you're really taking care of it, you may even be able to hold out for 6-8 months.

Most parents don’t trim their children’s hair as often as they should for two reasons.

1. Trimming their child’s hair feels like losing length.

2. We’re just lazy. It's the truth.

Making sure your child gets regular trims takes time and money. That’s why Mommies and Curls wants to show you how to do it yourself!

Get instant access to our guide on how to trim your child's hair.

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